What To Prepare If You are Expecting a Telco Delivery

Have you ever ordered a new SIM card, mobile phone and/or telecommunication products from one of the telecommunications operators’ online stores, with the option to have the item/s delivered to you?

Unlike the normal parcel delivery where anyone can receive on behalf, when receiving a telco parcel, couriers have to do verification before the delivery can be made successfully.

Here’s a quick guide on what you need to know and prepare for your local telco delivery to be successful.

i. Prepare Your Original ID for Verification

Do not be alarmed or offended when the courier asked for your original ID for verification as part of the delivery process.

While you may have concerns about personal data protection regulations, this step is necessary as part of the Telecommunications Act. You can also refer to IMDA’s guidelines for subscriber verification process to understand more.

Do note that the courier should only be sighting your original ID and recording partial ID number as required by the telco as mean of verification. There should be no taking of photos of your ID.

ii. Types of ID Accepted For Verification

iii. Can a proxy collect on behalf?

Most of the telecommunication companies allow for a proxy to collect on behalf but with processes varying between the different companies.

Generally, you would need to prepare a letter of authorization for the person who is collecting on behalf, and you would need to leave behind your original ID with your proxy for verification.

Refer to these links on what to prepare if you are getting a proxy to collect on behalf of your delivery from these telcos:

  • Circles . Life

  • grid mobile

  • M1

  • Singtel

  • Vivifi

  • Zero1

iv. Useful Telco Contacts

Not all telcos have hotlines these days but there are still ways that you can reach your favourite telco for help.

Telcos contact directory:

This guide is not comprehensive as there are more telecommunication companies in Singapore and every telco has their own set of delivery protocols so the delivery process will vary and be handled differently.

As the appointed agents for various telcos in Singapore we hope that this guide will be useful in helping you prepare for your next delivery.

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