Contactless Delivery ≠ No Contact Delivery

How Contactless Delivery Became a Necessity

At the peak of escalating COVID-19 transmissions, as cities around the world go into lockdown one by one, demand for deliveries shot through the roof. Amidst anxieties to contain the spread, delivery companies and merchants, in order to cope with the surging demands while keeping people safe, started offering contactless delivery.

Contactless delivery procedures might vary slightly for each company but the principle of practicing “social distancing” and minimizing contact is the same. In a nutshell, contactless delivery is done by leaving the shipment at the door, with notification that the delivery is made via SMS or a call.

While contactless delivery has been well received during the circuit breaker period, it is met with mixed feelings now that Singapore is into Phase Two of re-opening. With more people returning to their workplace and going out, there are concerns on delivery theft for contactless deliveries, especially when the item is of a certain value.

Safety is Always Our Priority

At XDel, while we are able to customize our delivery processes to meet our clients’ needs and requirements, we never compromise on the security of the shipments delivered.

Besides observing the regulated safe distancing, our couriers will call the receivers to ensure they are home before they leave any shipments outside the house for collection by members in the house. Couriers will only leave the location once the shipment has been picked up.

If there’s no one home to receive the shipment as informed on the phone, delivery will not be made and will be rescheduled later. By doing so, it will greatly reduce any disputes between receivers and merchants regarding missing shipments.

Tips on Offering Contactless Delivery

If you are considering offering contactless delivery for your customers, here are some tips on what you need to prepare for:

  • Get valid contacts of the receiver e.g. home telephone number, mobile number, email address etc. to avoid non-delivery of shipments
  • Inform the receiver on the process of contactless delivery to minimize any miscommunication
  • Choose a delivery partner who is able to compliment your requirements for contactless deliveries e.g. track and trace at every stage, managing redeliveries for better customer experience

As one of Singapore’s most established courier service providers, XDel is able to serve our diverse clientele e.g. telcos, banks, government organisations, e-commerce merchants, health sciences institutes etc, because of our ability to innovate and provide customized delivery services that meet specific delivery needs.

Have a delivery that requires exceptional handling to make? Speak to us today and find out how we can help.