These Places in Singapore Costs More to Deliver To

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If you engage courier services in Singapore, you will know that there are extra costs involved in sending a delivery to certain locations. If you are looking to engage one, this information will be very helpful for you!

Courier services in Singapore: Why are there surcharges?

Some locations can be a hassle to send shipments to; our couriers may have to change passes or queue to enter. Some places can be huge and finding a specific unit number can be tough. It can be really expensive to be parking in some places.

Hence, here’s a summary of places that any company offering courier services in Singapore will impose surcharges to deliver your items to:

Outlying areas

As outlying areas are out of the usual network, courier companies in Singapore has to account for the costs involved to transport your shipments. Therefore, we need to account for the extra fuel, time and hassle to get the these deliveries done!


If you drive to Sentosa, you will know that there is a speed limit of 40 to 50 km/h on the island. This means that we are wasting a lot of time  driving in the island, which is very precious to our couriers!

Airport, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore General Hospital, Tertiary campuses

Delivering to big compounds and campuses is the most painful type of delivery. With a big compound, you really need to take the time to walk and find the right unit to deliver the parcel/document to the recipient.

Jurong Island, PSA terminals, cargo ports and shipyards

These are challenging and tedious jobs we have to do everyday. Delivering to restricted areas will take more time than usual. We have to exchange for passes, get our vehicles screened and you queue up in order to enter these places. Therefore, we charge more when delivering to these locations.

Government buildings, secured compounds and SAF campus

Now, imagine going through security checks and exchanging passes just like the days in army. Do you remember how much time is taken to do just that?

Marina Bay Sands

MBS is right smack in the city. Why surcharges? You will be setting back $7 on weekdays and $8 on weekends per hour. That is really expensive!

Hence, you will realize that most surcharges you are paying are for the time taken to complete the delivery. We hope that through this article, you will be able to see why we impose these surcharges.