5 Key Things to Look out for When Arranging a Document Delivery

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Let’s say you have an important document to send to your client and you need it delivered before the day ends. How do you ensure that your document reaches your client without any hiccups? We’ve highlighted the main points to look out for when you arrange for a document delivery service in Singapore.

Document Delivery

1. Your Envelope

Preferably, use a fresh envelope to seal your documents. A reused envelope may have been worn out from all the previous deliveries, becoming soft and easy to rip apart. Also, make sure that the envelope stays dry!

2. Write your recipient’s details on it!

You will be surprised to know that we received documents with no name/address on them, only a consignment note tagged to it. When the consignment note gets torn off for some reason, it is very difficult to trace who the document belongs to.

Some times, our customers leave out some key information when ordering a courier service. This may result in delivery failures as delivery addresses or recipient’s name provided was inaccurate. Do a second check on the delivery information you provide to the courier company to ensure that it tallies with the one you wrote on the envelope.

3. Provide a contact number of the recipient

As there are millions of addresses in Singapore, some places might be tricky to locate. Provide the contact number of the recipient to our customer service staff when logging in the order. Our courier can then contact the recipient should there be any issues!

4. Are there timings to avoid?

We all know that lunch is the best time to get away from work for an hour. This means that there is a chance that recipients may be out for lunch and the delivery may fail. To avoid this, inform the customer service staff to avoid lunch time when you order a courier service.

5. Uncontrollable factors

As a courier service company, XDel pride ourselves to provide the best in class service to our clients. We always do our best to fulfill our deliveries within the promised time frames but there are uncontrollable factors that may cause delays.

The weather in Singapore is very unpredictable. Rain will always cause a degree of delay to our deliveries because the road gets slippery and our courier has to be cautious on the road.

As much as we plan beforehand, events and road blocks may also affect your deliveries as the couriers have to reroute their deliveries to navigate around these areas.

Lastly, accidents happen on the road everyday and it hits the couriers some times. When this happens, a substitute courier will have to retrieve the shipments from the courier (who unfortunately met an accident) and continue with the delivery.

Now that you know about the things to look out for when you order a document delivery, make sure to have all these points checked the next time you arrange for a courier service!