5 Common Reasons Your Delivery Is Late

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When booking courier services, depending on the service you choose (whether it is Same Day or Express service), you will generally expect an approximate delivery period where your order will be completed. Therefore, you will have a rough idea of when to expect the package to reach its destination, even if you are not following the progress with a tracking tool.

However, there are times when the courier company you engage may fail to deliver your package in the specified time frame.

What are the reasons for the delay in courier services then?

Weather conditions

Sometimes, unforeseen situations that are beyond our control can cause a delay in our deliveries. Like the featured image above, visibility of the road may be jeopardized. Bad weather can slow down traffic and cause massive jams, making it difficult for courier riders (especially dangerous for them) and drivers to navigate and continue their jobs.

Traffic conditions

A tree fell, road repairs, traffic light broke down; you have it all. Similar to bad weather, these are unforeseen situations popping up in different parts of Singapore everyday. Our couriers will usually try to navigate around these areas but may take a longer route, which also means more time taken to complete their jobs.

Roadblocks and events

Have you participated in one of those marathon runs in Singapore, or caught an F1 race in the city? If you did, you will know that major roads may be blocked off prior to these events. The best routes for our courier riders will then be affected and their usual routes have to be adjusted.

Technical glitch

This rarely happens but when it does, it will affect the whole operations of a courier company. With the internet or server not functioning, progresses of jobs may not be updated. Communications between the operators in the warehouse and the courier may be delayed as well. Therefore, shipment statuses may not be updated promptly. At XDel, we have made ample preparations and backup to prevent downtime like this from happening.

Surge in delivery volume

The time when your package gets delivered depends on whether your address is in the beginning or at the end of the route taken by the courier. Courier drivers usually work from 9 am to 6 pm. You should always bear in mind that during peak seasons such as Christmas, Chinese New Year, as well as the very recent online shopping events like Singles Day (11 November), high volume of shipments will be expected and intensive work will be involved. As such, the warehouse will be swamped with shipments and couriers might deliver your package after 6 pm.

This is also the period where everyone in the XDel office works overtime, doing our best to make sure that your shipments arrive at your doorstep as soon as possible!

If you are looking for a reliable logistics partner with the right experience, technology and people to boost your business, XDel specializes in Same Day delivery, Express delivery and urgent courier services in Singapore. We also offer bespoke solutions for eCommerce delivery, cross border projects and mailroom solutions. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment.