Finding the Best Courier for Your Business

As a corporate user, finding the right Local Courier Service Provider can be a daunting task in Singapore.

Typically, Local Courier Services can be categorized into these main types:  Corporate, eCommerce and Consumer.

When you Google ‘Best Courier’ or ‘Top 10 Courier’, you will find that most corporate Courier Service Providers are not listed under such searches.  Instead, you will find these 3 main categories of Courier Service Providers:

  • Platform Courier Service Providers
    • Platform Courier Service Providers rely on freelance courier drivers or riders to fulfill your delivery needs. These platform operators do not own the service but bring the sellers and buyers onto their technology platform and take a cut from the deliveries. Their technology enablement is mostly limited to the IT platform that they offer the Apps.
  • eCommerce Service Providers
    • eCommerce Service Providers cater mainly to the mass marketplaces such as Lazada and Shopee due to their low cost operating model. Deliveries are concentrated mostly in residential areas and are non-urgent by nature. Some of the grievances from users of eCommerce Service Providers include lost packages, packages left unattended outside the unit, longer delivery timeline and limited visibility as to who is delivering the packages.
  • National Postal Service Operator
    • The National Postal Service Operator has a ‘monopoly’ for postal related deliveries because they can deliver small packages directly to the letterboxes, while other service providers are limited from doing so. Despite this level of access, the grievances are similar to eCommerce Service Providers customers: stories of lost mail and slow delivery. The National Postal Service Operator also provides some corporate deliveries but this is limited to the technology they have and their service offerings.

For most corporate users, having to rely on platform operators to handle your deliveries can be frustrating due to the limited services offered and scalability to handle unique on-demand deliveries. Nevertheless, such platform operators still play a pivotal role in serving the mostly one-off, urgent and on demand delivery requests.

What are the considerations when selecting the right Courier Service Provider to handle your corporate deliveries?

  • Assurance
    • Guarantee and commitment in fulfilling the courier service agreement.
  • Reliability
    • Dependable and delivering results consistently.
  • Scalability
    • The ability of the courier service provider to support and fulfill any increased demand.
  • Visibility
    • Getting the tracking information from courier service provider via different touchpoints and knowing when the delivery is completed.
  • Security
    • A courier service provider that ensures all deliveries are handled with care, and complying with privacy, security, and regulatory requirements.
  • Mission Critical
    • Selecting a courier company to provide essential service necessary for your business to operate successfully.
  • Self-Service Order placement
    • Convenient online process for any member of your team to input new orders.
  • Customer Service Hotline
    • Being able to speak directly to local customer service personnel for any queries or assistance.
  • 100% Tracking
    • Information at your fingertips, from tracking deliveries to notification on service incidents and completion.
  • Different Service Options
    • Having different types of service offering (ad hoc, scheduled/routine) which best suits your delivery needs.

For Corporate Users, these considerations form the basis for any Service Provider who wants to service the corporate courier service sector.   At XDel, we have been serving the corporate sector for more than 2 decades, supporting a network of clients which includes financial institutions, healthcare, telecommunications and other key corporate businesses. Contact us today at 63761838 or email us at  for more information on how XDel can become your corporate courier service provider of choice.

By XDel Marketing Team