Pick Network Lockers for Delivery – Improve Ecommerce Customer’s Experience

A less than satisfactory delivery experience can be costly for your ecommerce business, as it can have irreversible negative impact on your relationship with shoppers. In a survey done by Convey:

  • 84% of shoppers are unlikely to shop with a brand again after a poor last mile delivery experience.
  • 1% of shoppers say that delivery impacts their brand loyalty.

How can the delivery experience be a positive and satisfactory one?

  • Shorter waiting time – Though more people are working from home these days, it does not always mean that they are available to receive the parcels as they might need to step out to run errands. It is frustrating to miss a delivery the moment you stepped out of the house.
  • Missing shipments – Shoppers might give permission to leave the parcels outside thinking that it is safe as nothing has ever happened before. However, when the parcels do go missing, they will ask for a refund or certain discounts and when declined, the whole experience is spoilt.
  • Options – Ability to select where to have the delivery done or whether to do pickup at a convenient location.

Launched officially on 30 April 2021, Pick Network Lockers, has an extensive network of 1000 lockers across Singapore in HDB estates, Community Clubs, MRT stations and Bus interchanges. Missed or missing delivery will be a thing of the past.

These lockers give consumers the flexibility of picking up or returning of parcels at a location with greatest proximity to them. Operating 24/7 and under CCTV surveillance, consumers can access the lockers anytime and the lockers can only be opened via OTP sent to the intended receivers.

XDel is proud to be one of the first local courier service providers to be integrated with Pick.  Here is a quick and easy guide on how we can help ecommerce businesses enhance the delivery experience for their customers.

Courier Services,

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