Addressing Common Delivery Issues for Higher Delivery Success Rate & Satisfaction

There are many reasons as to why deliveries are unsuccessful or delayed, which can bring about a lot of inconvenience and unhappiness. By understanding what some of these common delivery issues are, can help to eliminate unsuccessful deliveries, as well as mitigate inconvenience, unhappiness and even improve customer’s satisfaction and experience.

1. Wrong/ Inaccurate Delivery Address Provided

From providing a wrong house number or giving conflicting postal code or missing out on giving the unit numbers or the input of a wrong road or street name, this is one of the most common mistakes made which results in unsuccessful deliveries.

So if the delivery job input is very manual, e.g. address is written on a physical consignment note, such mistakes are inevitable unless the person checks meticulously before submitting in the job, the occurrence of a human error will always be there.

How XDel Can Help:

At XDel, our state-of-the-art technology can emit such human errors in delivery. When jobs are imported into our system, should there be any discrepancies or possibility of an invalid address, the system will prompt our customer care department to follow up to rectify the mistake.

Such mistakes can be costly and cause major inconvenience if you have selected express service to courier urgent documents or parcels.


2. No Alternative Contact Number

With the tightening of Personal Data Protection regulations and awareness of data rights, organisations and even individuals are cautious about sharing personal data like contact numbers.

It is better to provide an alternative contact number because if one number is engaged or cannot be reached for whatever reason, the alternative number can help prevent an unsuccessful delivery. This is especially essential when there’s need to clarify on delivery address.

How XDel Can Help:

Prior to delivery being made, XDel is able to send out SMS notification to recipient to inform/ remind them on an upcoming delivery. It is also XDel’s policy that our delivery couriers have to call upon the recipient twice upon arrival.

In the event that the main contact number cannot be reached, the courier is able to call an alternative number


3. Last Minute Change of Plans

This is a very frequent scenario whereby a shipment scheduled for delivery on a certain day at a certain time slot, and the recipient is unable to receive as scheduled due to last minute change of plans for the day.

It can be extremely nerve-wrecking if delivery is due in less than an hour. As the recipient, it would be more assuring knowing that you can change the delivery schedule immediately, and with the certainty that your parcel will not be lost in transit should the delivery be unsuccessful.

How XDel Can Help:

For eCommerce deliveries, XDel is able to provide recipient with a personalized booking link for convenience to self-service in making arrangements in rescheduling or even re-directing the shipment to a new address.

We take the heat away from e-Merchants to do the rescheduling for their customers so response time is more prompt and customers have the freedom to choose when and where they want the shipments.


4. No-Go Zones / Remote Locations

Addresses which are less accessible and harder to reach or require special passes or long waiting time for clearance to enter, are considered as no-go zones or remote locations. Deliveries to these locations are usually avoided by many local courier and delivery service providers because of the hassle.

How XDel Can Help:

XDel Singapore is one of the few local couriers who can deliver to no-go (restricted) zones or remote locations.

We deliver to the following places in Singapore:

  • Airports, Cargo Complex, Shipyards, PSA Terminals, Government Buildings, SAF Camps, Alps Ave or any specified secured area
  • Sentosa, MBS, selected Hospitals, Universities, Polytechnics, F1 Restricted Area, and postal codes starting with 69, 70 and 71
  • Jurong Island

Unless the address is prohibited to enter by the public, e.g. Brani Island, then we will not be able to deliver.


5. Force Majeure

Force majeure is a French phrase meaning superior force or overwhelming circumstances. A typical list of force majeure events would include war, riots, fire, flood, hurricane, typhoon, earthquake, lightning, explosion, strikes, lockouts, slowdowns etc.

Fortunately, Singapore has been a safe place, rid of natural disasters and catastrophes but all kinds of weather, in addition to traffic conditions, can impede the delivery process.

How XDel Can Help:

XDel has a delivery hotline with a dedicated team of customer service officers as well as customer care team, to assist with calling recipients on possible delays in deliveries due to wet weather conditions.

Our team is swift to respond and will be able to help coordinate and inform recipients of a possible delay. If recipients are unable to wait, the team can help with rescheduling, so you know that the item will always reach the recipients.


At XDel, as a multi-award winning courier delivery service provider in Singapore, we take pride in delivering both shipments and service. We offer multiple delivery solutions, from express courier service to eCommerce delivery to mailroom services and more. Our solutions are coupled with in-house developed state-of-the-art technology, so that we are delivering simplicity with efficiency.

Have a delivery need? Speak to us today and let us know how we can help you to create success in your business and deliveries.