Recognising Service Stars

At XDel, we believe that our service is as good as the impression left behind by our delivery ambassadors when they perform their delivery jobs. And we are thankful that with regular training, motivation and encouragements, our ground crew have helped us built a good reputation of delivering on time and with a smile, despite many challenges on the job.

Ever since we started “enlisting” the help of customers to recognize good service of our delivery ambassadors, we are heartened to learn, through the commendations that flow in, of how our delivery ambassadors would go out of their way to ensure delivery success.

XDel would like to give recognition to two of our top service stars, Mr S Ganapathi S/O Subramaniam and Mr Wang Wei, who received many reviews on being on time in delivery, friendly, polite and most importantly professional.

Thank you for the hard work guys! Continue to be a growing inspiration to provide good service for your fellow colleagues!


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