The Courier Company Singapore Can Trust

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The Courier Company Singapore Can Trust

So you are looking to engage a courier company to be your logistics partner. That is why you are here! XDel is a local courier company Singapore firms can rely on to get your documents and parcels successfully delivered.

You might have experience working with a courier company or freelancers and you know that the delivery portion of your business is not easy to manage. Courier guys not showing up/went missing, late deliveries, cash missing, not knowing if your shipment has been delivered; our clients’ shared these concerns prior to working with us.

Here are 4 reasons why XDel is the evident choice of courier company for you.

Born and raised Lion City

Being a homegrown business, we understand the culture and behavior of our people. We understand the types of courier services customers are looking for. Staff in XDel are also familiar with the roads, finding the shortest and most efficient routes to make our deliveries.

Over 20 years in Business

For over 2 decades, we have handled more than 4 million deliveries. This means that we have practically delivered almost everything you can think of. All sorts of scenarios has been played out and we have learnt from them, reducing the chance of errors. Our continuous thirst for service excellence has allowed us to take mistakes from before and turn them into learning lessons.

In house technology infrastructure (safe, confidential customization etc.)

With so many permutations in delivery requirements, our founder, Mr Harold Lee, had the foresight to develop an in-house IT infrastructure that can customize products to suit our clients’ needs. We have a live tracking system that gives our clients full visibility of their shipments, along with tracing history which shows where your shipment has been, who handled it etc. Our IT along with the processes set in place has given us the capability to handle confidential documents and highly sensitive shipments swiftly, with precision.

Recognized entity

The Singapore Prestige Brand Award and SME One Asia Award, to name a few, has been awarded to XDel. You can check out our list of awards here. Our brand is also bizSAFE certified. Of course, these awards and certifications does not drop from the sky! Our pioneers set a great foundation and the team has worked hard to achieve them.

Now that you have got to know a little bit more about us, we’d like to know you too! If you are looking to engage a courier company that you can trust, look no further. We are looking for clients who are in for the marathon, not a sprint. We love working with clients on a long term partnership, so that we can help solve your last mile fulfillment problems. XDel would love to see our clients grow along with us too!

Experience the best in class kind of logistics support. Speak to our friendly salesperson and get a quote here.