4 Common Types of Courier Service Singapore Companies Use


4 types of courier service Singapore companies use

Whether you are running a startup or working in an office, you will engage a courier company some day. We wrote this article to educate our customers on the common types of courier service used by our clients. In doing so, we hope that you can better understand the service types and book your next courier without confusion!

Express/urgent delivery service

Just like the title says, express courier services are generally more expensive due to the time limit that is set to the job. The turnaround time for an express service, depending on which courier company you engage, ranges from 1 hour to 4 hours. If your item is of utmost importance or super urgent, this is the service you will need.

Do take note that express courier services are subjected to availability. Resources of the company, weather and traffic conditions all play a big part in this!

Same Day Service

When you have a document or parcel to deliver to your customer by the end of the day, this is the service most suitable. A same day service means that the courier will pick up your shipment and deliver it within the same day, during office hours. Take note that there is a cut off time to book this service. For XDel, our Same Day Service order cuts off at 11.31am.

Non urgent courier service

If you need something delivered within the next 2 working days, many courier companies offer this service. It is the most cost efficient to operate as the warehouse can consolidate shipments going to the same area. If you are lucky, you might even get your shipment delivered within the same day as well! XDel offers a Five Thirty Plus Service, which means we will deliver your item before 12pm of the next working day, at a more affordable price than any other courier service types! Therefore, if your shipment is not needed urgently, you can save some money using our Five Thirty Plus Service.

Standard Runs

Standard runs are basically daily errands of delivering documents or parcels to the same place. The courier will pick up your items and send them to a fixed location on a daily basis. It does not have to be daily; it could by alternate days, few times a week, depending on your arrangement with the courier company.

There are many variations to the service types that are offered by a courier company. What XDel does best is designing a customized operating model to fit our clients. If you require courier service for your business, speak to us and let us customize a solution for you!