Fostering a Culture of Appreciation and Recognition for Great Services

Being a courier messenger is not for the faint-hearted. Be it rain or shine, congested traffic or not, courier messages have to brave these challenges and more daily to navigate their ways to deliver successfully and on time.

Therefore, at XDel Singapore, we want to give our delivery ambassadors cum warriors, the recognition that they truly deserve, especially when they go the extra mile to deliver great services.  Aside from monetary rewards and incentives, we want to foster a culture of appreciation and recognition for good performance.

As one of Singapore’s most established local express couriers, we are committed to creating a great workplace as we believe that happy employees will bring about happy customers. Richard Branson once said, “The way you treat your employees is the way that they will treat your customers.”

And in recent months, we have enlisted the “help” of our customers to give recognition and encouragement to all our delivery ambassadors, by way of feedback to XDel. Delivery ambassadors who receive commendations, are rewarded for their hard work and efforts at the end of the month.

When asked what motivates them to provide great service, one of the delivery ambassadors, Wang Wei, who received a high number of encouragements from recipients he delivered to, said, “It can be very tiring to deliver every day, rushing from one venue to another. A little word of encouragement and kind little gestures from recipients, help me to last through the day, and I can feel proud of my achievements.”

So next time, if you have a positive experience with one of our delivery ambassadors, do return the good vibes with an encouraging feedback for them.

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