Meeting Expectations: How to Spark Joy (Again) For Local Deliveries


From traditional mails and parcels to ecommerce shipments to cooked food from your favourite stall, every so often these days, one gets news from mainstream and social media, on how local delivery service providers are not meeting delivery expectations.

The most recent delivery fiasco involves Singapore’s state-owned postal and logistics organisation, which brought about a huge outpouring of strong emotions and disappointment over lost and missed deliveries due to process and protocols infringements and lack of performance checks.

Trust level on local courier services has reached an all-time low. So how can joy be sparked again for local deliveries?

In the last survey conducted by the Institute of Service Excellence at Singapore Management University in 2016, customer satisfaction for courier services in Singapore was 72.4%, and the factors which impact satisfaction level are:

  1. Reliability of delivery
  2. Timeliness of delivery personnel
  3. Ease of arranging pick-up for shipments
  4. Interaction with delivery personnel
  5. Tracking information
  6. Payment process
  7. Responsiveness to queries

As one of Singapore’s most digitally-advanced courier delivery companies, XDel has a suite of smart technology to manage delivery efficiencies and monitor delivery status. Putting in an order is just a phone call away or mouse-click, and done in less than 3 minutes. For organizations with multiple users, they can log in their orders online and all these deliveries can be tracked and monitored on a dedicated site. With a dedicated team of in-house customer service and customer care agents, we help customers with their delivery orders from start to finish, as well as ensure the success of all deliveries.

XDel also offers pre-paid accounts for clients who need courier service but with less usage frequency or individuals who want delivery services for personal use. Simply sign up for an account with a fixed amount of credit to get started, and once the balance is low, credit can be topped up online.

PwC’s Global Consumer Insights Survey 2018 on Delivery Expectations, discovered that consumers want fast, flexible and reliable shipments and are willing to pay more for same-day or faster delivery.

With over 20 years’ experience in courier delivery in Singapore, XDel understands the rising challenges and expectations for deliveries. Whether you are a corporate outfit sending out important business documents daily or an ecommerce merchant fulfilling customers’ orders, we are able to customize delivery solutions – express delivery, same day delivery, delivery within a stipulated time, etc – that fit your delivery needs and budget, while meeting the expectations of your customers.

Drop us an email to get in touch today and find out how we can spark joy for all your local (and even cross-borders) delivery needs.