When Not All Delivery Jobs Are the Same

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In The Beginning

The start of courier service dates back to as early as 540BC, in Persia when King Cyrus sent runners, homing pigeons and riders on horsebacks to send and receive messages faster than his enemies, in order to control his new empire.  The origins of the word “courier” comes from the Latin word “currere” which means “to run”.

Over centuries, the mode of transportation used to deliver has changed from using animals to using high-powered engine vehicles, transcending land, air and sea. Besides delivering messages, courier services include delivering documents, parcels, secured packages, goods and other objects.

The Present

With the advancement of technology, the demands for speed and accuracy, the emergence of eCommerce, and cross-border deliveries, courier services have also transformed to meet the evolving needs of deliveries.

Depending on the modus operandi of your business or organization, the shipment types and the delivery time frame vary. Some shipments might require same day delivery services; some shipments need to be delivered express, on the same day and in a few hours; some shipments are private and confidential, which requires special handling; and some shipments need security verification before they can be handed over to the recipients. Some shipments require warehouse storage space with inventory tracking as well as pick and pack services.

Whatever the requirements for your shipments, it is important to have a dependable local courier service provider, especially if you have shipments to be delivered locally and overseas.

Customised Solutions for Your Delivery Needs

As one of Singapore’s most established courier service companies in Singapore, XDel understands that not all delivery jobs are the same. Be it same-day delivery or express delivery or delivery which offers your customers the flexibility to fix their own delivery schedules, we have just the right courier service for you.

Using innovative in-house developed state-of-the-art technology, XDel can make the delivery experience more efficient and effortless. Find out more about our bespoke services and speak to us today and see how we can customise a courier service to match your delivery needs.