Identity Fraud – What is it and how do you protect yourself from it?

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Identity fraud

is the use of an individual’s personal information by another individual, without his consent, to carry out a crime or to perpetrate a wrongdoing or trick that individual or a third person. Most identity frauds are done within the context of financial benefit, such as accessing the victim’s credit card, bank or loan accounts. False or fake identity documents have been utilized as part of illegal activities or in transactions with government agencies, such as immigrations. In recent times, the identities of actual folks are being used in illegally creating these fake records or documents.

In relation to delivery companies in Singapore and the courier service industry per se, identity frauds exist too. You might worry that your shipment could get to the wrong hands or whether you can trust the courier agent. As one of the leading courier service in Singapore, XDel gives you the assurance and reliability in handling your shipments as we envision to become one of the top delivery companies in the world. Below are some of the ways on how XDel protects its customers and reduces the risk of being a victim of Identity fraud.

• As a standard operating procedure, we require our couriers to check the identification of the person receiving or receiving on behalf, seek for required documents (i.e. authorization letter) and contact you or the recipient, whenever needed, to ensure that the shipments get delivered to the correct recipient.

• Additionally, we provide an easier and faster way to secure our transactions through the use of modern technologies like generation of OTPs (One-time passwords). You may use this OTP, which we send out, as proof of identification for yourself or for any person receiving on your behalf.

• Singapore tracking. We also provide you the option to track your shipment online whenever you would like to confirm the delivery status and location of the courier vis GPS tracking while our automated email notification gives you the assurance of each delivery stage.

In conclusion, always remember the cheapest courier service in Singapore may not bring you the real value of the service you seek. Choosing the right Courier Service Provider to meet your delivery needs will give you the quality service and security assurance in the longer term.

Hope this article was informative and helpful. We share our success to you! We continually bring improvements to our service to serve you better and stay as one of the best in class service provider in the industry!