Courier Service – The History

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The History of Courier Service

How did courier service started in the world? Why was there a need? Many a times, we take the evolution of things for granted and we forget about our roots. Here’s something we gathered on the internet to share with you!

Messages were not sent by SMS

In this current era, we are sitting in the comforts of our home and office, typing away beautifully crafted messages. Your message can be sent across the globe within seconds with just one click. Remember MSN Messenger? And we thought that was old school…

Human started sending items since the ancient times. Messages, packages and mails were hand delivered by runners and homing pigeons. In short, what we saw on Channel 8 when we were younger, when Yang Guo (The Legend of the Condor Heroes) sends a homing pigeon to deliver a letter to Xiao Long NĂ¼, that actually happened.

Therefore, we should learn to appreciate the existence of mobile phones and computers! Can you imagine having to run miles and miles to deliver a message? That will take a lot of time and effort!

The evolution

Eventually, we humans started to domesticate horses and couriers started using them for deliveries. In some countries, we also use animals like cows and buffalo to transport goods.

Next, we evolved rapidly with industrialization; courier companies started using bicycles.

Finally, we have amazing advancement after steam engines were invented and petrol vehicles were introduced; we have the trucks, vans, cars and motorbikes like the ones we have today.

In the past, courier companies specializes in delivery of legal documents that required signatures. Courier service provided has to be rapid and accountable. In short, this is what XDel does best!

Today, courier are still deploying runners and bicycles. There are just places where walking makes more sense! One day, I would love to see the lost “art” of using homing pigeons to send documents and horses delivering your parcels. Wouldn’t you?