8 Hassle-Free & Efficient Ways to Take Control of Your Business’ Growing Delivery Needs

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Small and large companies alike, all have documents, packages and other important items to be delivered, as part of daily business operations. Regardless of how high or how low the delivery volume is, most of the time, it is more cost-effective and productive for the organisation, to engage the service of a reliable courier to do the delivery.

Especially in this ever-evolving world of business, where speed is the only constant, it is no longer good enough to just receive a document or a parcel two or three days later. Instead, it is now a norm for next day or same day delivery of documents and parcels, as speed is the essence of success.

Here are 8 hassle-free and efficient ways on how you can take control of your business’ delivery needs for success:

  1. Select a reliable local courier or delivery company who can deliver fast and securely and enable you to track your shipment.
  2. Match your delivery needs to the types of services available. If delivery is time sensitive, make sure the courier offers express or after office hours delivery services for those last-minute delivery jobs.
  3. If there are many people in the organisation who use courier services, create an individual account for these individuals so that at month end, it is clearly reflected in the invoice who put in the orders for the deliveries for more transparent accountability.
  4. Don’t want to spend time waiting to get to a customer service personnel to put in an order? Choose a courier company that offers your business the flexibility to create your own orders online or through a smart delivery platform.
  5. Your business is going international and you need to deliver overseas – be sure to pick a courier that not only has a wide network locally but also internationally.
  6. For data sensitive documents and high-valued items, engage couriers who are specialists in delivering these shipments securely, so you can have a peace of mind.
  7. If you are an e-merchant, you should focus your efforts on building your store online. Find a dependable 3PL partner to help manage your last mile fulfilment – from packing of shipment to changing of delivery schedules for value-added customer experience.
  8. Always work with a delivery company who can offer customisable delivery solutions without burning a hole in the pocket.

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